DC_byRandi_mediumQuality work, quality of life, or quality of compensation? According to Sally Hogshead’s Radical Truth #13 (from this book), you may only get to pick one or maybe two. So what do you choose to seek in your career choice?

What’s most important is that you find the work environment that you find fulfilling. Some careers (like advertising) can be extremely demanding and competitive. In my job, I am persistently zig-zagging from one deadline to the next and zeroing in on the next big idea that I can pitch.

I consider myself lucky to have found work that is rewarding, but that doesn’t follow me home after 5 p.m. each weekday. Seeking employment at an in-house agency within a family-owned company were conscious choices I made in my career path. And doing so has made work-life balance not only achievable, but part of the culture that we continue to foster within the company.

If you’re feeling work-life balance to be a bit elusive, here are a few tips to you started as you try to find your center of gravity.


Hopefully your job offers paid time off. If you’ve earned it, don’t forget to use it. Go away, even if it’s not far, and break up your routine. Make some memories with your family. See a corner of the world you’ve always wanted to visit. Taking time off is vital to recharge your batteries and maintain your zest for life, including all the things you love about your job.


Make it clear when people can get in touch with you. If you respond to text messages, emails and phone calls at 11 p.m. then people will assume you’re at their beck-and-call. Most of the time, it can wait. It’s great to talk about your communication practices, if you can, to help set expectations with your boss, coworkers and subordinates. Even if you don’t vocalize these boundaries, by sticking to them it will become understood with time.

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