Do you know what you are good at? What are your superpowers? Everyone has something that they are great at and figuring this out can help you thrive in your career. Research shows that people who recognize and use their strengths are more successful, more engaged, and perform better at work. 

Here are a few tips to help you find your strengths:

Tip 1
Ask your friends, family, and work colleagues for their opinion on your strengths. These people know you best and may share insights that surprise you. Maybe it’s your punctuality, your diplomacy during conflict, or your fundraising prowess—these are unique to you and are worth considering as assets in your career.

Tip 2
Take a Skills Assessment—we love having our clients take strengths tests and assessments. StrengthFiders has a free option that can highlight important skills and strengths. The High5 assessment is another test that really drills down on your personal strengths.

Tip 3
Think about times in your life when people noticed your strengths. Times when you got positive feedback on your work. Take note of what you love doing and the moments that made you feel happy and fulfilled. Is it when you are helping others, planning the next school social event, creating a social media post, or writing in your journal? These are the times when you are most likely using your top skills. 

Tip 4
Try new things and be open to opportunities, this can be a way to help you find what you are good at. Make a list of types of hobbies or jobs that interest you and start to try a few. Your superpowers may be something that you never tried before. This can also open up other career opportunities that you may not have been aware of before.