The most critical key to success in a job search or career change is self-confidence. Of course, simply being confident is easier said than done and often takes a growth mindset. 

Doing anything outside your comfort zone can cause self-doubt or feelings of imposter syndrome. This is definitely true if you are transitioning into a career pause, re-entering the paid workforce after time away, or pivoting into a new role or industry. 

However, a simple shift to a growth mindset can actually increase self-confidence—especially during a job search. 

What is a growth mindset exactly? At its core, a growth mindset reframes failure as an opportunity to learn and grow. It also helps develop a love of learning and an understanding that hard work and dedication will strengthen your abilities. 

Having a growth mindset also means that you are not scared of failure, because you understand that learning comes from failure. For example, when you didn’t do well in an interview, instead of beating yourself up, consider what you learned. What didn’t go well? Were you too nervous? Did you blow your elevator pitch? All of these things can be improved upon so that your next interview will surely go better. 

Having a growth mindset allows you to proactively learn while on your career (or any) journey.

Next time you think you failed, take a deep breath and shift your mindset to, “What did I learn?” You can do it! 

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