Tuesday was Equal Pay Day, a purposeful, albeit depressing day (in my opinion), where we note how far into the current year women must work to equal what men earned in the previous one, and where we revisit data that shows the pay gap between men and women hasn’t changed much at all in the last two decades.

LeanIn captures the news in graphs, highlighting the ramifications of the gap. Be sure to note the chart pictured above, showing staggering lost income for women over a career… Feel free to join me in pounding your head on the table!

The light at the end of the tunnel is pay transparency. Knowing what you could be paid for a position because it’s listed on the job description provides insight into what you should negotiate for, and pressures employers into paying everyone the same.

As a job seeker, here’s what you should know:

In addition to building pay parity, pay transparency provides a foundation for how an employer values the actual work to be done and eliminates the need to second guess or undervalue what you’re worth.

Here’s to brighter Equal Pay Days ahead.


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