Now is a great time to take stock and think ahead about a few things you can do to jumpstart your career. I’ve compiled a potpourri of interesting reads to get you started. There’s sure to be something for everyone depending on where you are in your career trajectory.

~ For the person who enjoys making new year’s resolutions, check out, “How to Make Resolutions,” to get on track to keeping your resolutions. It offers a nice flow chart explaining more about the best ways to form good habits.

~ For the job seeker, I suggest, “10 Tips On How to Stay Positive While Looking for a Job.” While many of these tips are common sense, perhaps there is one on the list you haven’t considered before or might be worth revisiting such as joining a support group.

~ For someone desiring a little positive change see, “30 Positive Things You Can Do to Change Your Life.” Many of these ideas we are already keenly aware of but sometimes forget about. Maybe you could embrace one on the list for 2014.

~ For useful, general career advice, I liked this article compiled by the Daily Muse, “45 Pieces of Career Advice That Will Get You to the Top.“

Take the time to take stock. Take action. I leave you with these powerful words by Zig Ziglar, “How you see your future is much more important than what happened in your past.”

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