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Functions: STEM2D fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, Manufacturing, Math, Design) & Management positions

Did you take a break from the professional world to pursue other priorities? Do you want to develop technologies and create solutions that significantly improve patients’ lives? If you are an experienced, high-caliber STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Manufacturing, Math or Design) Professional and/or interested in a Management Career eager to return to the professional world after a break of two or more years, this “Re-Ignite Career Program is for you.

This four (4) month paid returnship that comes with a possibility of moving into a permanent role, is a part of our Re-Ignite Career Program and will refresh your technical skills while you work with a market leader in healthcare. In addition to key job responsibilities, we provide technical training, professional development, and peer mentoring and the possibility of becoming a full-time employee after completion of the program with the most dynamic health care organization in the world, Johnson & Johnson.

We will have returnship opportunities presenting themselves throughout 2020. By joining our Talent Community, you’re allowing yourself to learn more about Johnson & Johnson, opt in to receive newsletters and notifications about future openings… You’re also letting the us know more about you for when that perfect returnship opportunity presents itself, we will then have your contact details and can call you to discuss future roles.

YOU will benefit from:
• High touch onboarding experience
• In-depth training materials
• Assigned mentor
• Technical peer support
• Alumni support
• Re-Ignite Cohort

We would love to hear from YOU, if you have:
• A current career break of two or more years
• Completed professional education in the field of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)
• Previous working experience in the Health Care industry
• Fluent English

The Re-Ignite Program:

The Re-Ignite Program is designed to increase the pipeline of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) talent who are returning from a two or more-year career break. This program provides the opportunity for professionals to get back into the workforce at a later life stage and offers a powerful return-to-work strategy for individuals.

If you are ready to re-launch your career and are looking to grow and stretch with new opportunities, The Re-Ignite Program is for you.

About Johnson & Johnson

The Re-Ignite program is more than a foot in the door at Johnson & Johnson. It’s a network of support for the next phase of your career journey and beyond. The Re-Ignite experience includes:

  • Projects based on your professional passions
  • Comprehensive onboarding and industry-specific skills training
  • Paid on-the-job learning opportunities
  • Support from Johnson & Johnson mentors and program alumni
  • Consideration for a full-time role at J&J after completing the program

Be sure to email contact@apresgroup.com once you have applied for this position—we are your foot in the door!

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