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Seeking an accountability partner for top-tier management consultants looking to take their consultancy practice to the next level.

These consultants are often extremely busy delivering on current assignments, which makes it difficult to focus on projects that are important but not urgent (e.g., updating a website, starting a blog or newsletter, implementing a CRM system.)

Your role will be to help the consultant prioritize among many possible projects, select one, and then develop a project plan, breaking the project down into addressable tasks. You will not be responsible for actually doing the work; your role will be to follow up with the consultant with reminders and support to hold them accountable.

You will work with our proprietary materials and help us grow these materials.

We are looking for a professional who is:

– Hyper organized – able to develop the project plans for several dozen clients and be able to follow up with all of them daily

– Able to help professionals prioritize among many possible projects to determine the one thing that will have the most impact. Good at asking – what is holding you back / which of these would have the most impact / why?

– Able to help break down a project into small steps that are easier to get started on.

– Passionate about finding and collecting resources. Should love being the person who is in the know and has good stuff to share

– Good at designing templates and tools (such as goal setting sheet or process steps for creating a blog)

– Early adopter of technology and fluent with basic entrepreneurial work tools such as Calendly, Zoom, CRM, Mailchimp, & Mixmax.

– Judgment – will be able to provide feedback on a LinkedIn profile, website, project list, proposal template

– Excited about personal development / habit formation / entrepreneurialism

– Interested in the research on accountability partners to find out what sort of commitment mechanisms work and how to help people do the things they want to do.

This job is part-time and 100% remote. Hours and can be negotiated at a time that is convenient between you and our consultants who sign up to receive help from you.

To apply please email a cover letter describing what relevant experience you have and please share your LinkedIn link to apply@umbrex.com


-Work directly with Umbrex Managing Partners to develop a measurable method for our consultants to reach their growth objectives.

– Meet with top tier management consultants and manage their accountability to their goals.

– Conduct and share research.


– Graduate Degree

– Excellent written and oral communication

– Project management experience

– Coaching certificates are not needed but will be considered.

– Career gaps are fine. Feel free to include volunteer work to highlight requisite skills.

About Umbrex

Umbrex (“UMBRella of EXcellence”) is the first global community connecting top-tier independent management consultants with one another.

Our first mission is to create opportunities for our members to meet, build relationships, share lessons learned, and collaborate. To accomplish this mission, we organize in-person professional development events, multiple social events in major cities, and an on-line discussion forum.

Our second mission is to help our clients achieve their objectives by connecting them with the right individual or team of independent consultants.