Every hard-working woman deserves a little pampering – and at Apres, where we help women find their voice, we believe there’s nothing wrong with asking for what you want. From water bottles and mixers that keep us healthy, to a bucket list trip to wind-down the year, here is what we’d like to see wrapped up in a shiny bow this month.

“In the email age, I’ve found that personalized stationary really sets you apart. Letterpress business cards are also a nice touch when meeting new clients or attending conferences. A gift certificate to Sugar Paper would allow me to custom-design both so they really speak to my personality.”

“As I near the first year of Apres’ founding, I’m more and more convinced of the need for a proper work bag. On my wish list? Tory Burch’s Block T Tote, which can hold a laptop, tablet, phone, wallet and makeup bag with extra room for files.”

-Niccole Kroll, Co-Founder

“I’m all about supporting women in business which is why I love the crowdfunding platform iFundWomen and specifically the Ally Pin. It was inspired by the protesters following Brexit, and their use of safety pins for alliance. The pin symbolizes resistance to hatred and negativity here in America and features six different charms representing It Gets Better, KIND, The Trevor Project, Women’s Funding Network, Planned Parenthood, and The Natural Resources Defense Fund. One-hundred percent of the profits go to the charity associated with the charm.”

“This is my year to get my whole family organized and I want to do it the old fashioned way – on paper.  I’m hoping for a chic MomAgenda.” (Use code APRESMOM, and receive 20% off all orders. It will be valid from 7am 12/19 through midnight Sunday 12/25.)

“I’m also trying to learn to meditate this year and am loving Dan Harris’ app 10% happier. I’ve asked my family for some great noise -canceling headphones like these beautiful Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones in Gold to make it a little easier to tune everyone out for 10 minutes a day.”

-Julie DeLoca, Marketing Advisor

“I am also trying to drink more water so I asked for another S’well bottle that keeps items cold for 48 hours or hot for 24 hours. The nine-ounce size is perfect for beside or to include in your bag when you’re on the go.”

“I also asked for this stylish Marble brick clock that tells the time, date, and temperature for my vanity. I’m trying to be more of a morning person and am working to keep my morning as stress-free as possible. Recently I read it’s bad to start your day by checking your cell phone which made a lot of sense to me. We’re all too attached to our devices, so not starting my day sneaking a peek at the to-do list that is my missed messages, emails, and social media notifications will help me focus on building a more efficient and positive morning routine.”

-Brittney Jackson Moseley, Social Media & Marketing Strategist

“I’m a huge Starbucks fan, but when your children say ‘Starbucks?’ before every errand, practice or game, it makes you think your habit is out of control.  So I have decided that a latte maker at home would be a great gift from the family — and allow me to save a little money.  The Mr. Coffee cafe latte maker is small and seems simple enough for this latte lover to use. Sorry Starbucks bottom line!”

“Our family is a skiing/snowboarding family and those who partake in the sport understand the stormtrooper fashion that goes along with enjoying the winter sport.  After 10 years in the same boots (I think I got my money’s worth), my toes are demanding something more fashionable and technologically advanced. I’d love some High Key Nordica ski boots with a cushy fur interior. I’ve proven I make things last so this is a great investment.”

-Ella Byrne, Business Development Representative, New York 

“I would love a VitaMix blender for the holidays this year.  In my family, we love easy and quick meals and smoothies that can be made using what we already have in the refrigerator. The VitaMix is hands down the best blender of the bunch as it blends everything smoothly and so quickly. The best part is that my kids can prepare their own smoothies for themselves – with no help from me!”

When I go for a run, my sock has to be just right.  I like the no show socks but do not like when then are so low that they get stuck behind the heel of my sneaker.  The Wigwam Ironman Velocity No Show Sock is thin and low, but still provides ample support inside my shoe and I never have to adjust the sock when I am mid-run.”

-Naomi Daniels, Après Corporate Liaison

“I’ve recently been drawn to essential oils and the amazing benefits of aromatherapy. I find diffusing oils relaxes my entire family after a busy day.  The Vicsting diffuser and humidifier has a sleek and simple design and is perfect for cold and dry winters.”

“Comfortable shoes are my other latest obsession.  The Martiniano Glove Slipper is a perfectly comfortable and stylish shoe for running from meetings to afterschool activities with kids.  This is a gorgeous and chic shoe that literally fits like a glove.”

-Faith Leicht, Business Development Representative, Minneapolis

“I have always loved the enduring design of Movado watches. As a young college student, I cherished my ‘look alike’ black Movado and was crushed when it was the only thing stolen from my apartment. I think it is time to treat myself to the real thing.”

“A dream vacation for me would be to completely relax and refuel in the luxury of the Ojai Resort. I would take time to reflect, relax, be pampered and imagine what the future holds.”

-Fran Garvey– Business Development Representative, Philadelphia