I was recently asked by a college student who had to interview for an internship if I had any interviewing tips for her. Now, you know and I know that resources are on Après, but our target market isn’t the college student! So, I said, “I have quite a few.”

To make it easy for her, I collected and shared links to many of the interviewing techniques and prep posts on our site. She was thrilled and felt her interviewers were shocked at how well prepared she was as a freshman in college. Imagine that!

I’m going to share my round-up here for ease. We’ve worked with a number of experts to pull these together through the year — here’s a summary of what you’ll find:

  • How to set up your social media, and how to clean it up. Social media is very important to have mastered before you walk into any job. The first thing I do when I am looking to hire someone is to check them out on social media. If I see something I don’t like, I throw the resume in the trash. Delete anything political on your social media. You just don’t know the interviewer’s beliefs and no need to turn them off. The links below will help you with your social media.
  • How to sell yourself in the interview. Men usually have no problem talking about everything they can do in an interview even if they really can’t. For the most part, women will never make things up. They stick with the facts. If you are one of those women then you better have an effective elevator pitch for each interview.
  • How to handle a gap in your resume and talk about your volunteer work. This is a big one for women who have been out of the workforce. Most of us have done a ton of volunteering and raised a lot of money for schools and charities. Make sure you use that to your advantage.

As you read through these I suggest you take notes. You can even have someone give you a mock interview and videotape you. It is always best to see how you look and what you are doing while under pressure.

Good luck!!!

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Be sure to follow up with a thank you note! My husband said an applicant stands out to him when he receives a thank you email within hours of the interview. And check out our full compilation of resources for Interviewing, Resume and LinkedIn polishing, Negotiating and more.

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