Do you ever catch yourself staring into a jam-packed closet, realizing with disbelief you have nothing to wear? This is the last frustration a mom needs when too often the choice in the morning is looking polished or brushing your teeth.

Whether you’re stepping into an office, working from home, or heading to a job interview, looking and feeling good is key — and it helps if you can easily find the clothes that will work for these situations.
In comes the “capsule wardrobe,” the perfect solution to simplify for people on the go. The premise is to fill your closet only with versatile styles that you absolutely love. This is easy to achieve in three steps.
Soon you will discover the ease and simplicity of “shopping” in your own closet.

Step 1: The Edit

This is the most painful and time consuming part of the process, but with diligence becomes second nature. The best way to approach this task is to set aside a good chunk of time to review each item in your closet.
Take a moment to actually hold the piece in your hand and reflect on the emotion that it conjures up for you. Are you resentful you will never fit into this again? Melancholy for your previous life because this piece does not reflect your current lifestyle? Guilty for spending too much on an unworn garment that never really suited you to begin with?
Next address the damaged goods and assess whether they are beyond repair or worth the cost of alteration.
Bag the pile of discarded duds and place them out of site in your car for charity or resale.

Step 2: The Rule of 3

Survey what is left. Working with what you have, challenge yourself to come up with three different outfits for each item.
Next, think of three occasions in your life when you would actually feel proud to wear this outfit. You will be surprised by how easy this is when you have cleared out the weeds and can clearly see your favorites. Most likely, you will discover some sort of a “uniform” as we tend to buy for our favorite body part.
Note where the holes are, are you in need of tops or bottoms? Remember the Rule of 3 before making a purchase and ask yourself if this new piece will fit in well with the oldies but goodies.

Step 3: Maintenance

Continue with the Rule of 3 by committing to remove three household items before making a purchase in an effort to make space for the new. Plan to edit your closet once per quarter as this is a great way to honor the changing seasons and prepare for a fresh start.
As women, our bodies are constantly changing and evolving along with our lives. Having a functional wardrobe that makes you look and feel amazing is a gift you give yourself to honor and celebrate who you are at this moment in time.

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Susana Benz on MaybrooksSusana Benz is the Lead Job Curator for Maybrooks and our guru on all things fashion and lifestyle!