Have you ever noticed that someone can be a whiz with numbers and analysis but fumbles in social settings? Or that someone with the most creative, big thinking ideas will drop the ball when it comes to execution? 

Just as each of us has a dominant hand (right-handed or left-handed), we also have dominance in our brains and this impacts how we think. In this high energy and interesting workshop, we’ll cover the four basic thinking preferences that impact how we take in new information and how we communicate. 

You’ll learn how to spot others’ preferences and how to flex your communications accordingly to improve communication, problem solving, relationships, collaboration, decision-making and stakeholder engagement. This leadership skill allows you to bring out the best in others and works equally well in personal relationships and business communications!

Based on Herrmann International’s Whole Brain® Thinking model, the foundation for thinking agility, cognitive diversity, and innovative thinking. 


Join us for a live webinar workshop presentation with Q&A to follow, powered by Zoom. Details are emailed once you register.

Date: May 1, 2019

Time: 12 p.m. – 1 p.m. EST

Webinar leader:

marcia schlissel career coach on Après, a career resource for moms returning to work or seeking flexible job opportunitiesMarcia Schlissel is a Leadership Coach and Communications Specialist. She partners with ambitious professionals who have used their training, network, grit and savvy to achieve their current level of success. Proud of their accomplishments, they’re now ready to elevate their leadership abilities by building confidence, credibility and communications effectiveness. Creating and executing strategic action plans, they align their work and their lives with their true vision, one that they now know is possible. Learn more about Marcia >>


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