Summer is a great time to start thinking about what’s next so that by September — when the kids are back in school, and businesses are back in full swing — you can put a plan into action.

If you’re using the Fall as a target time for change, hiring a coach could be valuable in getting you there. Sometimes enlisting a partner can keep you on track and help you to make good decisions. A coach may be more neutral than a friend or spouse and may also feel more comfortable giving a push when you need it. It’s their job to help get you across the finish line.

If you have never worked with a coach, you may be wondering what they do.

7 Ways a Coach Can Help You

Many coaches offer an initial free consultation that can help pinpoint what you need most.

A coach can help you with:

  • Thinking through a career change that is meaningful (personally and/or financially)
  • Transitioning to a career that would better use your skills and talents or be a good fit for you and your family
  • Building confidence to take a career leap:
    • Are you considering taking on more responsibility in your current role but worried what it might mean for your family?
    • Are you thinking of taking time out of the workforce but have trepidation about what it will mean for your career and want to be smart about it (i.e., have a plan for how long, what you can do to stay fresh, etc.)?
    • Have you thought about starting your own business?
  • Determining if you ready to get back into the workforce after a break and how to do this
  • Refreshing a resume and LinkedIn profile
  • Organizing your home and systems to make your career and family life just operate more smoothly
  • Prepping you for an interview!

Some coaches have specific areas of expertise. We have collected some great ones in our new directory of career and life coaches, many offering discounts to our subscribers. Meet them here and learn how one mom transitioned back to work with the help of a coach.

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