Dear Employers:

Thank you so much for finding us and considering posting a position with us. I launched Maybrooks after an eight-year career as an online video reporter and producer with The Wall Street Journal Digital Network, including hosting one of WSJ’s original live shows, “Digits.”

During that time I had two children. After my daughter was born, I was able to negotiate my work week down to three days a week, and remained that way through the birth of my second child. I began to wonder what I would have done if I had not been able to do this. Where would I have turned to on the Web to consider my options as someone with two higher education degrees and fourteen-plus years of work experience?

When I couldn’t find the answer, I began researching and concepting Maybrooks, which is named for my great-grandmother, who went to work during the Great Depression because she had to, and worked for 35 years as a switchboard operator because she loved to.

We’re a little over a year into this and today women come to our site to search for meaningful, flexible jobs, from full-time to part time to contract. Many want to go into an office. The majority have graduate degrees. We offer great supporting content for moms in career transition.

We hand vet each opportunity for its mom friendliness. I hope you’ll visit our employer page to see what employers are saying, and take a look at the great jobs coming through on our job board.