Re-careering can seem incredibly daunting and like everything in life, the hardest part is getting started. Often times the problem is knowing where to start!

Here are five tried and true strategies offered by experts and coaches that can help get you on the path to change and ultimately through the process:

Ask yourself the right questions

Begin your journey by looking inward and asking yourself questions to find clarity. Here are 10 questions to serve as a guide to finding the perfect fit in terms of your strengths, skill set and interests.

Visualize the perfect job

Once you have a clear direction of the path you are taking, begin to envision the perfect job. Using the power of creativity and imagination, you can actually craft the career you want. Try visualizing yourself working in this position. Imagine your work space, your colleagues and how you make an impact. This is the fun part!

Communicate your strengths

Now it’s time to get serious and create a LinkedIn profile that rocks. This is the place to really sell yourself so go the extra mile to make sure your online presence is in line with your career goals.

Tap into your network

While an online presence is very important, nothing compares to actual human connection. Chances are you have an amazing network ready and willing to help. Here’s how to make the most of an introduction.

Find companies that fit your life stage

Using the information you’ve gathered in all your preparation efforts, make sure the company aligns with your ideals by doing your research. Many companies understand the value of taking time off and connection to family. Finding the right match will be effortless once you have taken the steps to restart your career.

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