Have you ever spotted a mom who appears to have it all together and wondered what her secret is? Get your swagger back with these tricks of the trade from our community of savvy Moms.

No Means No

Time is cursory to a working mother. One way to have more is to master the art of saying no with grace. Once you know how to turn down work nicely, use the lull to center on yourself.

Create Space

Everyone needs a place to retreat. Men are famous for their caves but women must be a bit more canny and find zen in the most unlikely places.  Here is a way to carve out your space by building yourself a virtual escape.

Get Organized

We know the benefits of an organized space but did you know having an organized life can actually equal more freedom?

Stay Vital

Staying vibrant and healthy keeps everything else functioning in your life. Taking the time to restore your vitality will pay off by providing more exuberance in everything you do.

Take Advantage of Time

In the off chance you find yourself at a loss with what to do with your new found freedom, here are a few suggestions to make use of the found time.

Don’t Forget to Laugh

It is easy to get bogged down with the duties of work and parenting. Often it feels like having the weight off the world on your shoulders and one of the first things to go is a sense of humor.  Lighten up with these 6 ideas to make you laugh. Remember truly having it all together is the ability to laugh through the inevitable chaos.

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