If you’re a job seeker or getting ready to be one, there are five things to know about the job market right now –

  1. The economy continues to add jobs, albeit at a slower pace than we saw before the summer and coming out of the pandemic.
  2. The unemployment rate ticked up a bit to 3.8 percent – still historically very low,  but it does mean more people are out there looking for jobs versus sitting on the sidelines and adding to competition for jobs.
  3. The good news is, there are still close to 9 million openings out there – about 1.5 per person who is in the market for one.
  4. If you’re looking, you should understand that education and health care continue to be the source of the bulk of the current opportunities… in addition to leisure and hospitality. If you traveled this summer, you know this is a pain point!
  5. A lot of people continue to tell me there’s just nothing out there – but the reality is, there is.. sometimes it takes patience and perseverance. Often it takes flexibility in what you’re looking for.

It is Your Turn!