Looking for inspiration or guidance on what’s next? Our webinar workshops are a perfect way to think through transitions or enhance specific skills. Each workshop is hosted by one of our vetted career or life coaches with content tailored to Après members and includes live Q&A time.

Here is a list of all of our upcoming webinars. Click sign up to read more about each one, timing, and to register. Be sure to browse our archived workshops as well.


 Jan. 16

Creating a New Vision Part One

How to get clear on your big picture direction so that your actions can fall into place. Vision boarding and more!

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January 23

How to Make a Career Change to Work You Love 

Whether you’re going back to work after maternity leave, thinking about returning to the workforce after time as a stay at home mom, or are currently in a job and just know you’re meant to do something more, this workshop is for you.

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February 13

Reentering the Workforce on Your Own Terms 

If you are ready to head back to work or would like to improve your work/life flow, this webinar will give you the tools and confidence you need to define your own terms for your next role!

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Feb. 27

Creating a New Vision Part Two

How to get clear on your big picture direction so that your actions can fall into place. Vision boarding and more!

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February 20

3 Steps to Launching Your Own Business

You started your brand out of your passion, now it’s time to get serious! A one-hour workshop to help you dig deeper into the world of entrepreneurship.

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March 6

7 Perspectives that Impact Leadership & Engagement

Learn to engage more fully in your career and in your life as a strategy for improving leadership and engagement skills.

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March 13

Discover Your Purpose & Passion 

Got Purpose? Discover how doing what you naturally love to do can lead to your next job!

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March 20

Experience Life Results with Ease & Joy 

Learn a whole new way to set goals (or as I call them Desired Outcomes) you’re excited to pursue. No more forcing yourself to achieve them. You’ll uncover possibilities for your life, clarify what’s important to you, and identify focus areas to prioritize. This approach will inspire you to take action more easily toward your “perfect” lifestyle.

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April 17

Reclaiming Work-Life Balance 

If you’re a working mom, you’re juggling a lot. If you’re considering a return to work, you’re likely thinking through the fear of if you’ll be able to maintain any balance once you start working again. This is a workshop for you!

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