We collected some recommendations for a a solid at-home office set up.

1. Strong WiFi

With everyone home and using the bandwidth, make sure you’ve optimized with your service provider and consider a mesh WiFi router system to let you work inside or out and allow the WiFi to be strong in all corners of the house. We’re having good look with the Eero system.

2. All-in-One Wireless Color Printer with Scanner

Print, copy, scan. Create, sign documents, send. This is an office investment that will pay for itself with time — for you and potentially for your kids doing remote learning. We like this HP LaserJet and Cannon But pick one that fits your office space and budget.

3. The Diva Light

Look your best over Zoom (ZM), Google Meet (GOOG), Microsoft Teams (MSFT) or whatever video software you’re using with what we call the “diva light.” Lighting is critical in video production and it’s the same for your video meetings and interviews. We like this one because it comes with three light color settings and a dimmer so you can control the look. The adjustable tripod stand also makes it very versatile for placement. This is an inexpensive upgrade!