A new report by the National Partnership for Women and Families shows that in addition to the general pay gap between women and men (women earn $0.78 cents for every dollar a man makes), mothers who work full time, year round make just $0.71 cents of what fathers working the same amount make. Good grief. Why?

The report — “An Unlevel Playing Field” — points to interruptions in work or education to care for children and also “because the country lacks supportive workplace policies, such as paid family and medical leave, paid sick days, predictable or flexible scheduling, and better and more affordable child care.” All of these factors add up over time when it comes to pay, the report says.

Other interesting data from the report:

  • Single mothers working full time and year round fair the worst — earning $0.58 cents for every dollar fathers working the same amount
  • Asian American working mothers earn slightly more than all working mothers ($0.74 cents per dollar) compared to White working mothers ($0.71), African American working mothers ($0.54) and Latina working mothers ($0.49)
  • Women in Louisiana see the largest pay gap, earning 34 cents less than men. In New York the wage gap is 14 cents and it’s narrowest in the District of Colombia — nine cents

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