10 Reasons Why 2013 Will Be The Year You Quit Your Job (TechCrunch)

There are a lot of gems in here on why you should consider working for yourself. It’s a good read even if that’s not a reality (today!)/need/interest for you. Favorite line, “Kiss your hands so they can make magic.” Absolutely loving that line.

Invitation to a Dialogue: Working Arrangements (NYT)

Apparently in Europe employers have to “seriously consider” requests for a more flexible work schedule. Legislation that could enable something similar in the United States is stalled in Congress. Overall fantastic read.

This is a big deal: US jobs and housing data are picking up steam (QZ.com)

Glad to hear it!

Fresh Start: 9 Apps To Help Become A Better You In 2013 (Forbes)

Fun finds. Jobs & Career Visualizer App mentioned at the end sounds cool.