On Tuesday, April 4th — Equal Pay Day — Après hosted a live installment of The After Show with special guest Stephanie Agresta. We had a great discussion on the best ways to create a personal brand across social media networks and ideas for increasing your digital footprint — both of which can be valuable if you’re looking to return to work or change up your career.

Be Genuine

So what exactly is a personal brand? Agresta describes it simply as “what you tell the world about yourself.” For your brand to be effective, she suggests “determining what you want to be known for and reflecting that on social media using your authentic, genuine voice.”

Tell a story

To get started, Agresta suggests creating a personal statement that helps tell a story about how you relate to target industries.

Think of an overall theme for how you would like to present yourself, the content you will share, the tone you would like to set, and the channels you will use.

With this framework in mind, you will be able to create a powerful personal statement that allows you to build a presence on various social media channels in a way that truly reflects the story you want to tell.

To visualize how this works, Agresta shared her own personal brand blueprint for how she approaches the content she shares across social media, including the content buckets she works within and the tone she tries to set.



10 Tips to Get Started

Ready to create a successful personal brand? Here are 10 actions you can take today! (courtesy of Agresta and Qnary)

  1. Write down the 2-3 topics you want to build thought leadership and own over the next year
  2. Procure and optimize your LinkedIn and Twitter profiles
  3. Build a presence on Google+, YouTube, and other relevant networks
  4. Review and actively manage privacy settings on all social/digital channels
  5. Share content across 2-3 channels consistently
  6. Engage with others and follow influencers
  7. Conduct Twitter searches on topics on which you are knowledgeable and share your POV
  8. Post content with visuals/images as it receives much higher engagement
  9. Highlight the awesome work a colleague or boss of yours has done
  10. Try out new networks and functionality (ie. Snapchat, Periscope, Facebook Live, etc)

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