Our soon-to-launch app helps parents tap into their biggest under-leveraged resource in this ongoing endeavor: all the family and friends who’d love to pitch in for the slew of their kids’ celebrations, if only they knew that’s what the parents wanted and had a compelling resource for doing so.

You’ll be part of a small and critical team responsible for driving our digital marketing strategy and execution to secure signups for our upcoming Beta test, build and scale our consumer base, drive consumer engagement and generate revenue.

Part-time or full-time, with highly flexible hours. Pay is equity (we’re fundraising).

You can apply by sending a cover letter and resume to amoses3@nyc.rr.com.


Depending on who comes on board, responsibilities can be divided up. The founder has a strong background in marketing and can mentor and help when needed.


  • Create, manage iterate our digital marketing to help us “roar” out of the gate, covering content marketing, social media, SEO, media outreach and more
  • Secure partnership (content, promotional, affiliate) with financial firms and parent-focused digital and retail brands
  • Establish performance benchmarks, analyze results and recommend improvements

Ideal candidate:  

  • Entrepreneurial mindset:  Hands-on doer comfortable with a strong “get things done” mentality with minimal structure
  • Applicable hands-on experience in digital marketing and community building
  • Great communications skills; a creative bent is a strong plus
  • Open to wearing many hats – even those you don’t have any experience in
  • Experience at another financial and / or parents’ startup, but not required
  • Based in NYC area


Ballooning Nest Eggs was founded by a devoted aunt and digital media executive who noticed an opportunity. So many friends and family – from the moment their youngsters enter the world – seek to secure their financial futures. Yet they mostly all seem to be going it alone by squirreling away paychecks into various investments. And, oh yes, often counting on (and secretly praying) the grandparents were doing the same. 

Our founder recognized that all the celebrations in youngsters’ lives offer a myriad of opportunities for their biggest champions – family and friends who adore those kids – to pitch in. Yet most are standing on the sidelines because asking for, and even giving, financial gifts can make even the most socially-conscious adults cringe. 

Ballooning Nest Eggs transforms financial gifting by providing parents with a thoroughly tasteful and modern way to corral their “personal village” and together to reach a meaningful common goal: securing and growing kids’ long-term wealth. We’re the first platform to truly “take the funny out money” and turn the awwwkward into memorable awww moments for everyone. 

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