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Life is messy, we get that. Life doesn’t go on hold when you decide to study, and today is not paused while you prepare for your tomorrow. That’s why GetSmarter partners with some of the world’s leading universities – to provide you with premium online short courses. As an EdTech brand, we know that online learning needs to work towards that next move in your career. We know that navigating change is a lifelong journey. But, we also know that you’ve got this, and we’re with you every step of the way. 

According to GetSmarter’s ‘future of work’ report, technology is the biggest anticipated change in the workforce. This is especially relevant in a post COVID-19 world where technology continues to be increasingly important. By adopting a culture of continuous learning,  which involves consistent upskilling and training, you will not only remain relevant and future-focused but your confidence and leadership skills will evolve too. 

As technology continues to drive considerable change in the workplace, we also see a growing demand for interpersonal skills. These are skills related to the way we communicate with others and include leadership, problem solving, critical/analytical thinking, and self-awareness. Analytical or critical thinking was ranked as the most valued skill by the respondents, for now and the future. There’s also widespread acknowledgment across all generations and seniority levels that leadership – a uniquely human talent – will become increasingly sought after in the future. This suggests that many people have accepted that machines will eventually do a lot of the technical tasks, and so they’ve placed a premium on the human skills that machines cannot offer. The future of work is already here and it is evident that it is distinctly human

So, how do you develop the necessary competence for the future workplace? With the shortening shelflife of skills, investing in continuous learning is critical to your career development, and a changing world means that learning new skills will need to be an integral part of your professional growth. Lifelong learning ensures that your career is boosted with enhanced knowledge and future-focused skills so that you can thrive at work.  

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