The Retro Wife (New York Magazine)

A look at leaning out versus leaning in.

He Hasn’t Had It All Either (NYT)

A NYT writer and columnist who has had a flexible set up for 30 years talks about how companies may become more parenting friendly but says they’ll never be that friendly because work doesn’t lend itself to that.

Mommy Wars: The Peace Talks

The SAHM vs the working mom. Can’t we all just get along? I commented on this one.

Arianna Huffington On Leaning In, Leaning Back And The Second Women’s Movement (Forbes)

Arianna Huffington says you can have it all and you should lean in, but you should also lean back and focus on health and wellness.

Racism, Sexism and Now Flexism: Being Anti-Flex Puts You On Wrong Side of… Everything (Huffington Post)

Working Mother Magazine Editor Carol Evans takes on any companies not supporting flexible work arrangements.

Modern Parenthood: Roles of Moms and Dads Converge as They Balance Work and Family (Pew Research)

A new Pew research report finds the number of mothers with kids under 18 who would prefer full time work has jumped 20% since 2007. Report also talks about men picking up more house work (time spent has doubled since 1965).

Diverging Fortunes for Men and Women (NYT)

A visual depiction of how women’s college education has surpassed men’s since the early 1990s.