Senior Database Administration and Systems Engineer

 The Department of Technology JUSTIS team is highly regarded across the City for its excellence in customer support and responsiveness. JUSTIS is a program inside the City & County of San Francisco (CCSF) to modernize CCSF’s Criminal Justice Systems.  You will be working alongside principal and senior engineers and analysts with deep knowledge of criminal justice and how it functions in San Francisco to implement requirements of our criminal justice agencies. We are looking for a talented, driven, and experienced Oracle Database Administrator/Systems Engineer with proven skills in database administration and systems engineering. Backed by a Gartner five-year Roadmap, the project involved creating a new application and data hub where all criminal justice agencies go to store and retrieve data. These agencies have relied on a centralized mainframe system for many years to get their operational reports. Agencies have transitioned to the JUSTIS data hub where transactions, queries, and reports have been created that serve their needs. 

As part of this team, you will be responsible for all aspects of database administration from installation of the most current Oracle, SQL Server, and PostgreSQL technology to architecting and supporting high availability and disaster recovery architecture, as well as a systems engineer.  We are looking for a highly skilled technician and problem solver who can work independently as well as partner and share knowledge with co-workers.



Under the direction of Cyber Security Defense Operations Manager, you will

  • Participate in overall project planning, providing database tasks and milestones for project plans.
  • Create, update and maintain databases and other database objects, i.e., tables, tablespaces, user permissions, views.
  • Import, convert, and standardize data tables from various sources.
  • Establish and maintain database standards for development, test, and operational systems.
  • Install, upgrade, and patch database software and related products, i.e., Oracle database/container and pluggable database, Oracle application server, Oracle SOA Suite, Oracle BPEL, Oracle http server, WebLogic server.
  • Participate in hardware capacity planning and configuration for database environments.
  • Plan and implement database backup and recovery procedures and schedules based on application requirements.
  • Plan, implement, maintain and coordinate upgrades/updates/fixes for core operating systems and their related components, without negative impact to the overall availability and reliability of the enterprise systems/networks.
  • Installation and configuration of application credential, security certificate on systems and application servers.
  • Develop scripts to monitor database environments and proactively address issues.
  • Architect high availability and disaster recovery solutions for database environments.
  • Analyze and resolve database-related issues in areas of performance, availability, and production operations as needed within established SLAs.
  • Work with the infrastructure team to provision new Windows/Linux workstations and serves.
  • Work with the application team to install, setup and configuration Oracle SOA suite, configure WebLogic
  • Provide 24-hour standby and/or on-call support on a rotation basis to ensure rapid recovery from software or hardware problems for mission-critical systems and networks.
  • Monitor daily systems performance and proactively address issues.
  • Attend project meetings with Department of Technology and client department staff.



An associate degree in computer science or a closely related field from an accredited college or university OR its equivalent in terms of total course credits/units [i.e., at least sixty (60) semester or ninety (90) quarter credits/units with a minimum of twenty (20) semester or thirty (30) quarter credits/units in computer science or a closely-related field].


Three (3) years of experience analyzing, installing, configuring, enhancing, and/or maintaining the components of System and Server Environments.


Additional experience as described above may be substituted for the required degree on a year-for-year basis (up to a maximum of two (2) years). One (1) year is equivalent to thirty (30) semester units/ forty-five (45) quarter units with a minimum of 10 semester / 15 quarter units in computer science or a closely related field.

Desirable Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s/Master’s degree from an accredited college or university, preferably in management information system, information technology, computer science, business administration, or a closely related field
  • Five (5) years of experience in database administration/systems engineering, including analyzing, installing, configuring, enhancing, and/or maintaining the components of Oracle databases.
  • Strong understanding of the Oracle and Microsoft technology stacks (container database, pluggable database, SQL.net, database replication, database backup, SQL Server, Integration Services, Analysis Services, Reporting Services, etc.)
  • Experience with Oracle 10g, 11g, 12c, 18c, and 19c database versions.
  • Experience with the SQL Server database platform, Microsoft Windows Servers, Linux.  Scripting to extract database and system health and performance data.
  • Experience with criminal justice data and agencies a plus



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