Assistant Network Engineer

Department of Technology is involved with numerous long term and short term Projects at this time where an Assistant Network Engineer would be a great resource to help out with ongoing projects such as Upgrade the Network (UTN), VOIP, also help with the day to day  service requests, and field work  to  install new  devices at various city  agency locations. There are also multiple city agency moves happening and network engineering has become a high demand for our team. Under direct supervision of a DT Network Manager, the Network Engineer Assistant will assist and support the Upgrade the Network (UTN) project.


Position Responsibilities

1.   Assist in gathering requirements for the development or enhancement of the City’s enterprise Network infrastructure that serves 50 City Agencies with over 35,000 users for City and County of San Francisco. Assist in research and conduct feasibility studies on new technologies for the UTN project.

2. Assist in assessments, planning, testing, implementing, then documenting the physical or logical components of the City’s enterprise Network infrastructure.

3. Assist in maintaining the latest, secured, and stable IOS for all network devices within the City’s enterprise Network infrastructure. This will include planning, implementing, and maintaining upgrades/updates/fixes for network core systems and their related components, without negative impact to the overall availability and reliability of the enterprise systems/networks.

4. Determine the proper installation parameters for software and hardware for smooth integration and efficiency in relation to the enterprise system and network.

5. Assist in writing “user exits” to customize large systems software which may involve specialized programming languages.

6. Assist in analyzing, detecting, identifying and connecting complex systems software or hardware deficiencies.

7. Provide 24-hour on-call support to ensure rapid recovery from software or hardware problems for mission-critical systems and networks.

8. Assist in the resolution of technical problems through telephone calls to vendors, other IS professionals and departments.

9. Assist in the coordination and implementation of corrective measures; this may involve site visits, remote systems or network management.

10. Document procedures and troubleshooting techniques related to systems/networks software and hardware; develop and review documentation prior to general distribution.

11. May assist in planning, developing and implementing backup and disaster recovery procedures for large systems and networks.

12.  Assist to Install, monitor and maintain hardware across multiple Agencies MDF/IDF, and data centers with expert level of racking and cabling including labeling descriptions on switch ports and media cabling.



An associate degree in computer science, or a closely related field from an accredited college or university OR its equivalent in terms of total course credits/units [i.e., at least sixty (60) semester or ninety (90) quarter credits/units with a minimum of twenty (20) semester or thirty (30) quarter credits/units in computer science or a closely-related field].

Experience in analyzing, installing, configuring, enhancing and/or maintaining the components of an enterprise network may be substituted for the required degree on a year-for-year basis (up to a maximum of two (2) years). One (1) year is equivalent to thirty (30) semester units/ forty-five (45) quarter units with a minimum of 10 semester / 15 quarter units in computer science or a closely related field.

Completion of the 1010 Information Systems Trainee Program may be substituted for the required degree.

Desirable Qualifications

  • 2 years experience with Cisco routers and switches
  • CCNA or CCNP
  • Experience with Project Management.
  • Experience with VMware enterprise in basic operations creating virtual machines.
  • Intermediate experience and knowledge with DCIM, Excel, Visio and Solarwinds Monitoring software
  • Intermediate experience and knowledge with fiber optic cabling and Ethernet cabling



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