Every once in a while we round up the amazing tips we learn from the moms we feature on Maybrooks to share them with you. Adopting even one or two of these might make a big difference!

Ten Strategies for Saving Time in Your Day


Brenda Bazan of MoolaHoop: Put your family calendar online, color coded for each family member and teach your kids to use online calendars! Schedule in time for friends and exercise (take a walk with friends!)

Laurie Palau of simplyBorganized: Establish routines for everyday tasks. Routines make it easier for you to rely less on memory, which can be exhausting and stressful.

Ally Downey of weeSpring: Make use of your “found time”; I write a lot of blog posts on the subway.

Andrea Garry of Deloitte: Pre-cook meals for the week over the weekend.

Sonali Perera of Maybrooks: Throw all the cutlery in the drawer with no organizer (it’s the part I hate most about emptying the dishwasher!)

Alexandra Eidenberg of Mom+Baby: Cheat. Asking for help never hurt anyone, so outsource your list. Our nanny does all the laundry, sweeps the entire home and coordinates our bedding changes. My husband does the vacuuming, lawn and garbage. If everyone has a job, then together it gets done. Letting go and not doing it all is the best time manager. Also, get off Facebook — it is a bad time suck.

Stephanie Elam: I’m a morning person so I like to get up before our daughter to get some action items off my list. It’s amazing how productive I can be in a quiet house! Also, I can’t handle messiness. I say the easiest way to keep things tidy is to clean as you go. Babycakes can’t pull out another toy until the first one is put away. That little rule helps out a lot!

Melissa Northway, Author: Write.It.Down.  I keep all of our posts written down in a yearly calendar as well as write out what needs to get done for the week and month in my Erin Condren’s Life Planner.  Her products are so colorful and fun I actually enjoy writing down what I need to do and I like it when I finish a goal or task and get to cross it out!  Another great resource for busy families is the free app by Cozi.  This helps to keep the whole family in the loop about everyone’s schedule and any member of the family can update at any time from their mobile device.

Katrina Alcorn of MaxedOut: Learn to say “no.” Seriously. Write “Say no to someone” on your to-do list, and make it a daily practice. Say no to your boss, your husband, even your kids—anyone who is taking up too much of your time and emotional energy. I’m under no illusion that this will solve all our problems, but I think it’s an important skill to master if you’re feeling maxed out.

Kelly McGinnis of Levi’s: Drink your vegetables. We drink smoothies every morning. I love my Vitamix!

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