Our featured Maybrooks moms have named these apps as some of the best for making and tracking lists. If you can never seem to remember the paper towels at the market, keep your to-do items at your fingertips with one of these options:

1. Wunderlist (free)

A collaborative list-making app, Wunderlist offers the ability to share lists with other Wunderlist users. You can start discussions about list items and collaborate on a single list. Keep your lists private or make them public — on Wunderlist, you can even browse public lists from all over the world. (i0s , Android, Windows, Mac) Favorite of Laurie Palau and Jill Salzman.

2. Teuxdeux (free app, site membership $24/year, first 30 days free)

With this app, you can use a simple browser-based interface to enter list items that will sync on your iPhone. So if you prefer to enter list items on a keyboard but want to keep your list in your pocket, try Teuxdeux. This app will also set recurring reminders and roll over unfinished to-do items to the next day automatically. (i0s) Favorite of Kass Lazerow.

3. AnyList (free)

AnyList is sort of like a cross between Wunderlist and Teuxdeux, but specifically for groceries. It allows you to share your grocery list with friends and update your list via a web interface. Since it’s designed just for a supermarket run, AnyList also lets you reorganize your items based on grocery store aisle. (i0s) A favorite of Rachel Olsen.

4. Evernote (free; premium features $5/month)

If you need a lot more than just a list-making app, Evernote has you covered. Sure, you can use Evernote for lists, but you can also take notes, clip articles, and take photos in one flexbile, easily synchronized workspace. You can even snap a photo of a handwritten list and use Evernote to capture it, making it totally searchable, along with the rest of your Evernote data. (i0s, Android, Windows, Blackberry) A favorite of Fran Hauser and Danielle Smith.

5. GroceryIQ (free)

Like AnyList, GroceryIQ is a list-making app just for groceries, but this app really takes shopping to the next level. You can keep track of multiple stores, scan barcodes, and even print coupons. If you can’t remember what you bought last week, GroceryIQ will track your history — helpful for all those times you accidentally bought ketchup three weeks in a row. (i0s, Android) A favorite of Colleen Fisher.

Let us know if you have any favorites!