Return to work with Facebook

We’re so excited to announce the Facebook Return to Work Program, a 16-week immersive program designed for those who have left the workforce for two years or longer and are looking to re-enter the workforce full time!

This is a fantastic opportunity to put your technical skills to use, plus benefit from training and immersion, community, mentorship, and more. At the end of the term, those who have demonstrated their abilities to succeed and have an impact at Facebook will be considered for a full-time position.


Location(s): The majority of the roles are based at Facebook’s headquarters in the Bay Area with some opportunities in Seattle and Boston. See the roles here and apply >>

Requirements: Each job profile has different requirements — please review these carefully. Hiring managers look at relevant experience as well as demonstrated abilities.

Program Dates: August – December 2020

To apply: Click the button below to learn more and apply. Applications are being accepted now and early application are encouraged due to the expected high volume of applicants.

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