With so much conversation around paid leave, affordable childcare, and the need for flexible work programs and cultural workplace change, we’re thrilled to share a quick snapshot of the companies represented in our growing, searchable database of companies that work for working parents on Maybrooks:

  • 500+ companies overall (great companies claiming profiles daily, including Yelp, Pinterest, UrbanSitter, Etsy, Inbenta)
  • 51% offer paid maternity leave
  • 43% offer flexible work options
  • 37% provide some kind of childcare support (subsidy, backup or on-site)

In the coming weeks we will begin diving into specifics within these buckets to reveal common flexible work options, average paid maternity leave offered broken down by company size and/or industry and location. We also are collecting data on paternity leave and hope to be able to share insights there very soon. 

About the data: Companies represented in the database span industries, size and location. Our data is sourced in three ways: officially, publicly and anonymously. When a company “claims” a company on Maybrooks, they have the ability to provide company information and enhance their profile with images and features on the women who work there. The data is fully searchable.

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