WEDNESDAY | Sept. 14 @ 1 PM PST 

We’re going Live on Instagram with Filmmaker & Founder of The Representation Project Jennifer Siebel Newsom and NYT Best Selling Author Eve Rodsky for a conversation about their new documentary Fair Play: Is All Time Created Equal?, and how you can have those difficult conversations with with partners and employers around valuing time — and sharing the mental / caregiving load — more equally. 

What a critical conversation for both job seekers and employers as we head back to offices or consider going back to work after career breaks. This is your chance to hear from these two leaders on how to have these much necessary discussions, and place more value on yourself. 🙌 

🎬 TO DO:

  • Watch the Fair Play documentary if you can (see options to view here)
  • Follow us on Instagram to see the interview (Instagram will send you a notice that we are live) and bring your questions! 

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