In a matter of days and hours, COVID-19 brought work, school and caregiving together in unprecedented ways. Now, today’s work experience has the potential to significantly impact working parents (mothers in particular) going forward — for the better or for the worse. 

How employers reboot their workplace in the coming months could make all the difference in the future of work for working parents, and we want to make sure the learnings of today are carried forward. To accomplish this, we’ve partnered with Nua Group, an HR consulting firm focused on Total Rewards and HR Operations and already begun talking with HR leaders across the country.

Now is YOUR chance to tell employers what is working and what’s not, and what you’d want to take with you into the future workplace. We hope you’ll take a minute to take this survey and share it with your friends and peers. Your input here will inform the recommendations and counsel we provide to employers with whom we work, and hopefully create a better workplace for everyone.