We launched Après, a career resource for moms, with the intention to stop sidelining women talent by helping them find flexible or family friendly job opportunities and balance their careers and families with great resources and content. Today we have over 700 companies in a fully searchable database that offers insight into company culture, with details about benefits and programs that support working parents.

Women who come to Maybrooks can explore company cultures and learn how each of them stack up with comes to paid leave, childcare, flexible work options, and programs unique to attracting and retaining women talent.

Of the companies in the Maybrooks database, 45% offer paid maternity leave, 52% offer flexible work options, and 36% offer some kind of childcare support. This insight into companies is difficult to come by, and not readily available on traditional job search sites. Our message with the database is to communicate culture first, job second. As a job seeker, if you like the company culture, you’ll likely find a job there that works for you.

While announcements about longer paid leave offerings from Netflix, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Adobe and other companies in 2015 brought much media attention to the need for and value of extended paid leave, we know at Maybrooks that paid leave is just a piece of the overall pie that supports the journey of a working parent. Offerings such as onsite, subsidized or backup childcare and flexible work options are also key, and 34% of the companies in our database offer all three.

We’re excited to say that based on our findings and interviews with companies, we have identified five strategies that companies can use to create a strong family friendly culture that drives employee engagement and helps with retention:


The period after having a baby is one of new discoveries, excitement and change. We’re excited to see new parent coaching programs, and programs that allow new parents to transition back to work on a part time or flexible basis. See how coaching sessions have been a “lifeline” for a new mom at Etsy.


Fifty-two percent of the companies in the Maybrooks database offer some form of flexible work option. Some are formal work-from-home or remote policies, while others are more informal, allowing employees autonomy over their schedules. Some companies offer “No Meeting Days” — days where no meetings are scheduled and employees can work from home if possible. See how “No Meeting Wednesdays” at Pinterest help this Recruiting Manager and mother of three make it all work.


Thirty-six percent of the companies in our database offer some form of childcare support, be it on-site, backup or subsidies. Access to affordable, quality childcare is critical to thriving as a working parent. And there are ways to be creative — perhaps a membership for employees to UrbanSitter or Care.com?


While the number of companies offering formal “returnship” opportunities still remains quite low officially, at less than 1% in our database, the number of companies thinking about tapping into this experienced talent base sitting on the sidelines is encouraging. These programs show the company respects periods of care giving, and those that understand how to reach this talent will have a competitive advantage.


More companies are starting and supporting mother’s and parent’s groups, offering an internal way for employees to connect in person or online to learn from and ask questions of other parents, driving engagement and opportunities for people across departments to meet and know each other. A great example can be found at Yelp, which hosts Yelp Moms.

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