By becoming a Premium Member on Après, you’ll get access to a beautiful profile page that gives you the ability to share your experience, accomplishments, and more with individuals outside the Après community. You’ll also get a unique profile URL to make sharing your profile even easier. Remember, your profile is the first impression employers will get of you, so make it count! Follow the step-by-step guide below to make your Premium Member Profile.

Step 1

  • What to do: Find your avatar on the upper right hand side of your screen and click on profile. This will bring you to a basic profile screen.

Step 2

  • What to do: Choose a profile photo. It should be straight-on, with good lighting, and no sunglasses.
  • Tip: Research shows that hiring managers are seven times more likely to click on a profile with a photo than one with no photo.
  • How to do it: Click on “change profile photo” and follow the directions.

Step 3

  • What to do: Choose a cover photo. Pick something that shows off your interests. Photos without people work best. (However, the default is perfectly fine, too.)
  • Tip: The photo must be large, and high resolution—at least 700 pixels wide.
  • How to do it: Click on “change cover image” and follow the directions.

Step 4

  • What to do: Connect your social handles.
  • Tip: By including things like your LinkedIn or Pinterest profiles, you’ll be able to show off your personality and interests in a strong, professional way.
  • How to do it: While in the regular “profile” section, click on “social” under the edit tab. Then fill in your desired fields.

Step 5

  • What to do: Fill out the About Me section. Keep this section about your professional journey: where you started working, your favorite part about what you do, etc.
  • Tip: This should different than what you filled out in your Bio section.
  • How to do it: Click on “premium profile.” This brings you to a screen where you can edit your profile.

Step 6

  • What to do: Add your job experience. Think of this as your experience section on your resume.
  • Tip: Include at least three jobs here if applicable, starting with the most recent.
  • How to do it: Click on “add job” and follow the directions.

Step 7

  • What to do: Add skills—approximately 5-10. Include hard skills here instead of soft skills.
  • Tip: When Après corporate partners are searching for a person to fill a particular role, this skills section is a major factor in the selection process.
  • How to do it: Don’t forget to use a comma to separate your skills.

Step 8

  • What to do: Add education—think associate degrees, bachelor degrees, and further education, too.
  • Tip: Consider connecting with fellow alumni by searching for your school in the directory.
  • How to do it: Click on “add education” and follow the directions.

Step 9

  • What to do: Click “Update Your Profile” and then scroll to the top to view your beautiful premium profile!
  • Tip: You can share your profile with anyone in your professional world, just use the URL provided at the top of your profile.

Step 10

  • What to do: Join a group. There are four options based on where you are in your professional journey.
  • Tip: If you have a question or need advice, pose it to the other women in your group.
  • How to do it: Click on “groups.” Then click “join group” on the right hand side, next to the groups that are most relevant to you.