This week while listening to Inside Journey, a podcast co-hosted by my friend Johanna Beyer, I stopped in my tracks twice — literally while on a walk — with two major takeaways that I want to share with you here.

First, “build a bridge,” Johanna, a leadership coach, advised the woman she and her co-host were live coaching during the episode on how to have the courage to make a career change to something new that was calling her. Fear of leaving a lucrative job, being too old, and people thinking she’s crazy had her paralyzed.

Build a bridge and take small steps to get there. Yes! There’s no need to leap all at once. It reminded me of nurturing your passion on the side before deciding to leave a job. Suddenly fears of a big jump can melt away into smaller strategic steps.

Second, Johanna asked the woman who is 55 years old to consider how age was an asset in the new direction she wanted to take. Think about the wisdom and experience it brings to the table. It was a lightbulb moment and the woman’s voice booms with confidence. Yes!

As we talked through in our interview preparation webinar, confidence is critical. It’s easy to let it slip while on a career break, but as you can hear in Johanna’s podcast, it eats away at everyone.

Take the time to build yours and keep it elevated. It is Your Turn!