Are you navigating the Messy Middle, when work and parenting collide?

Are you preparing to head out on maternity leave, when questions about how you will handle your career and being a working parent swirl and swell?

Or are you looking to return to the workforce after a career break for caregiving?

Your Turn: Careers, Kids and Comebacks–A Working Mother’s Guide (HarperBusiness) is the book for you. Your Turn was born out of our passion for helping women navigate this challenge on Après, the career site we launched in 2016 for women returning to or pivoting in the workforce. 

It’s practical advice will help you prepare for what to expect and get ahead of the career questions that arise during motherhood, provide the tools to help you make the best decisions for you and your family, and help you feel less alone in the process. 

We’ve spoken with hundreds of companies to find out what’s important to them, and have a unique insight into what women can do to make their own career transitions easier and more beneficial for everyone!

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Tory Burch Foundation on Apres. Your Turn -- navigating career and motherhood.

““Your Turn is a must-read for every woman navigating her career, whether at the entry or executive level, as well as for all companies that are committed to not losing top talent. Recognizing that careers are not linear, Jen and Stacey lay out an array of creative strategies so you can be the entrepreneur and founder of your own life and design whatever path makes sense for you.”

— Gabrielle Raymond McGee Chief Operating Officer, Tory Burch Foundation

Tiffany Dufu on Apres for Your Turn, for women navigating career and motherhood


“Jen and Stacey don’t pretend to have all the answers — because only you can decide what’s best for you and your family — but they do have all the right questions to ask yourself as you navigate your personal and professional journey as a working mother, along with invaluable insight from hundreds of women and companies about what’s worked for them.”

Arianna Huffington on Apres for Your Turn, for women navigating career and motherhood



“We can’t truly thrive in a workplace that doesn’t allow us to bring our whole selves to work. And too many women still feel that they have to choose between their career goals and their personal goals, often just as they are hitting their stride at work. Your Turn is the realistic yet positive guide today’s women need to help them navigate a career path that allows them to succeed in all parts of their lives.”