Ready for a new way of living? Use my guide to set the stage and step into all that’s YOU this year! It’s going to be a good one.

A Little Loving Prep

Before coming up with your answers for the questions below, please do the following:

  • Connect with your best self
  • Don’t bring judgment into the story of what happened or could happen
  • Be as objective as possible
  • Get to a positive place

Take Time to Close Out and Honor 2015

To help you feel “complete” with your past, begin with some questions to remind yourself of what happened (knowing that you can always learn from your past).

  • What desired outcomes or accomplishments are you most proud of achieving?
    • How did you celebrate them?
  • What were your greatest failures or desired outcomes you didn’t achieve?
  • What happened that you didn’t expect (i.e., any surprises)?
  • What lessons did you learn from your successes, failures, and surprises?
  • What were you grateful for as you pursued your desired outcomes?
    • What can you acknowledge yourself for (or thank yourself for) as you attained results?

After you’ve answered these questions, identify and list any themes or patterns you notice across all five topics.  Keep these themes in mind as you go through the next exercise.

Get Inspired for 2016

To understand what can inspire you moving forward, ask these questions:

  • How are you different than the way you were before you tried to achieve the desired outcome(s)?
  • What would you like to discard from the past?
    • Are there any failures you’d like to move past or any long-term desired outcomes that are no longer relevant?
  • What lessons would you like to take with you as you move forward?
  • What do you want to focus on in the future?
    • It could be something you’ve identified from the questions or something new that is occurring to you.

Make It A Mantra

Now, make sure you’re in the mind-set of your best self, and then summarize (in a single statement) what you want in the near future. The summary could be something like:

  • Enjoy my life and smile more!
  • Trust myself and go for it!
  • Remember my vision and pursue it one day at a time!

Make sure the statement is positive, present tense, powerful, and inspires new possibilities for your life.  After you’ve created your statement, make it your mantra or guiding principle and use it to inspire and inform new desired outcomes. 

I invite you to approach 2016 with a fresh perspective on life and create new adventures you’ll be excited to go for every day!


Rosie-Guagliardo-Headshot2Rosie Guagliardo is a certified coach and founder of InnerBrilliance Coaching. Rosie offers Maybrooks members a 15% discount. Learn more about Rosie and her practice here.