wpid-wp-1401397053645.jpegIn our Spotlight on Flexibility section, we feature amazing moms with all kinds of careers and ask them share their best time saving tips — those, “huh, that would make my life simpler!” ideas that might help you not sweat the small stuff and have more time for, being with your family or having a glass of wine!

Here are 5 great ones –

1. “Set the dinner table in the morning right after breakfast while you’re in/near/around the kitchen. Two birds!”Jill Salzman, founder of The Founding Moms

2. “Choose my outfit and kids’ outfits the night before.” Fran Hauser, former president of lifestyle and entertainment for Time Inc., Digital, now venture capitalist

3. “Wash everything on cold and forget sorting. Meal Plan. Make lunches the night before.” Stef Tousignant, founder, The Great Baby Romp

4. “Turn ALL DISTRACTIONS OFF — no email, no Facebook, no phone. And set a timer to stay on task.” Danielle Smith, ExtraordinaryMommy

5. “Have baskets on staircases and hallways…so that you have a place for everything, even the junk and always take something with you when you walk in and out of a room!” Kass Lazerow, founder of Buddy Media

What’s your best time saving tip?