So you landed the coveted work from home position. Congratulations!

Your virtual office is all set up and you have settled into your new routine, complete with stretchy pants and homemade coffee.

Then you notice something strange. A nagging feeling of disconnection, a lack of human connection, feelings of isolation. These can potentially all be part of remote work realities that are rarely discussed.

This survival guide will help you flourish in this type of work culture.

Create Your Own Connection

Gathering a thrive tribe of remote peers will help to foster a sense of community. Scheduling weekly check-ins, either through Google Hangout or in person, provides a sense of connection. Stay on top of your employer’s direction by perusing the company website on a regular basis.

Remote workers miss out on water cooler gossip and this is an easy way to stay abreast of change. If you are the only employee in your region, try a shared work space a few days per week to ward off feeling out of touch.

Co-working spaces with childcare are popping up in many urban areas, so you can bring the kids with you on school closure days. If this hasn’t come to your neighborhood yet, Coffee shops and libraries are always at hand.

Give Yourself a Break!

Chances are you are logging a great deal of hours on the computer. Make sure to schedule in time to pause, otherwise hours can slip away without a break. One of the advantages to working from home is you have complete control over when and how you take a breather, so tailor it to your needs, just be sure to do it!  

Missed your shower this morning? Now is your time! Even a short nap can be incredibly beneficial to your productivity. Stretch, take a bath, go for a walk! The change of scenery will impart you with a clear perspective and a fresh mindset.

And don’t forget to eat! Stocking your fridge with healthy food will keep your brain power and productivity boosted throughout the day.

Get Out of House

The only true way to connect with humanity is to be one of them. Getting out of the house is vital to  staying current and relevant.

Engage with your community through volunteer work. Find a topic that intrigues you and take a class. Meet with friends or family. Join a book club, a run club or an exercise class. Engaging in the world outside of work and family fills the spirit, nourishes the soul and provides the true meaning of work life balance.