Lean In hosts a number of smart video tutorials delivered by experts that focus largely on honing leadership and management skills. Here are a few of our favorites:


Rather than offering a “recipe” for negotiation, Stanford Professor Margaret Neale offers a video tutorial on how to structure a negotiation. “The goal of a negotiation is not to get a deal. The goal of a negotiation is to get a good deal,” says Neale.


Confidence is not a feeling but rather a “set of behaviors” that can be worked on and improved over time, says Jennifer Allyn, Diversity Strategy Leader of PwC . The content in this video is pitched toward new college graduates heading into the workforce, but the concepts can be applied at any age in any stage of one’s career.


Reframing how you look at situations and how you respond to them — making you “response-able” vs “responsible” — can empower you and help further your life mission, as explained in this video on learning the power of unconditional responsibility.

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