Learn to engage more fully in your career and in your life.

We all develop lenses that determine how we perceive situations and interact with others. These lenses can act as blinders that limit our perspective or prisms that expand and broaden our perspective.

In this interactive and thought-provoking workshop, participants are introduced to the seven perspectives that impact personal leadership and engagement – your ability to inspire yourself and others to get more done. We’ll discuss how real situations involving team building, dealing with stressful situations, decision-making, collaboration and innovation are impacted by the perspectives each of us brings to the situation.

Webinar Outcomes:

By understanding our current levels and what is driving them, we’re able to create choice about the lenses we use to create the results we desire.

Based on Energy Leadership™ by Bruce D. Schneider.


Join us for a live webinar workshop presentation with Q&A to follow, powered by Zoom. Details are emailed once you register.

Date: March 6, 2019

Time: 12 p.m. – 1 p.m. EST

Webinar leader:

marcia schlissel career coach on Après, a career resource for moms returning to work or seeking flexible job opportunitiesMarcia Schlissel is a Leadership Coach and Communications Specialist. She partners with ambitious professionals who have used their training, network, grit and savvy to achieve their current level of success. Proud of their accomplishments, they’re now ready to elevate their leadership abilities by building confidence, credibility and communications effectiveness. Creating and executing strategic action plans, they align their work and their lives with their true vision, one that they now know is possible. Learn more about Marcia >>