Return to Work with Lockheed Martin’s Chapter Next Program

At Lockheed Martin Rotary and Mission Systems (RMS), we understand that sometimes we must pause our professional life to support our family and loved ones.  After stepping away from the workplace to care for children, aging parents or other family obligations, the road to return to work can be challenging, and at times intimidating. This is where Chapter Next can be part of your solution.

Chapter Next is a 12-16-week paid returnship, that aligns participants with a role that best compliments their skills and abilities. As a “returnship” participant you will become part of a community of similarly experienced professionals with challenging work scopes who are contributing to Lockheed Martin’s culture of innovation. Selected candidates will be exposed to comprehensive training, professional development opportunities, networking opportunities, and individual-based mentoring to support their re-entry.

Our end goal is to prepare participants for full-time opportunities whether that be at Lockheed Martin or elsewhere. You will potentially have the opportunity to apply for a full-time role at Lockheed Martin after your “returnship”.

We are currently hiring for our Chapter Next “Return to Work Program” in various locations.


*Based on program needs, most positions will require the need to obtain a secret clearance. Security clearances will require the participant to be a U.S. Citizen and would require the participant to go through a very thorough background check and possibly be finger printed.

Learn more about the program and apply via these links:

Chapter Next – RMA Engineering – Moorestown, NJ

This returnship position is for an RMA Engineer working in the Reliability, Maintainability, and Availability group in Moorestown, NJ. Specific responsibilities will include performing reliability, maintainability, and availability analysis for products and systems designed and developed by our IWSS program.

Chapter Next – System Safety Engineering – Mount Laurel, NJ

This returnship position is for a System Safety Engineer working in the System Safety Engineering group in Mount Laurel, NJ. The selected individual will contribute to the organization by assessing the residual safety risk products, identifying mitigations, and hazards.

Chapter Next – Mechanical Engineering – Stratford, CT

This returnship position is for a mechanical engineer and will be working in the Rotors Design Group with the Dynamic Systems organization in Stratford, CT. The selected individual will contribute to the Rotors Design Group with the Dynamic Systems organization in the following ways: Training to prepare drawing revisions and create engineering change orders so that they can revise engineering drawings. The release of engineering instructions and specification revisions. Troubleshooting and problem solving of issues from flight testing, fielded aircrafts, or manufacturing. Support manufacturing through the release of drawings and technical data. Your work will be supplied to answer long term field reliability along with urgent technical questions from customers related to Rotors Design. The successful candidate will also support multiple programs at the same time for Rotors Design organization.

Chapter Next – Electrical Engineering – Manassas, VA

This returnship position is for an Electrical Engineer and will be working in the Hardware Engineering group in Manassas, VA. The selected individual will contribute to the organization in the following ways: Contributing to tasks during the design phase, and manufacturing/test phase. During the design phase the candidate will provide technical support to the engineering org by way of electrical schematic generation, firmware generation, test set design, unit cabling design, design documentation, factory test procedure creation, and unit assembly.  During the production/test phase the candidate will provide technical support to the engineering org by way of factory acceptance test execution, problem debug, environmental test execution, and production support.

Chapter Next – Systems Integration and Test Engineer – Mount Laurel, NJ

As an engineering returnship participant in our System Integration and Test (SI&T) department, you will be a part of the team responsible for high level system test planning and test execution for our key customers, including the US Navy, US Coast Guard, US Missile Defense Agency, US Air Force, and our international customers. This position will provide responsibilities in these different domains: Model-Based Systems Engineering to plan, implement, and report on SI&T activities.

Chapter Next – Software Quality Engineer – Orlando, FL

This returnship position is as Software Quality Engineer and will be located in Orlando, Florida. Reporting to the Engineering Quality Assurance (EQA) Center of Excellence (COE) Manager the selected individual will contribute to the EQA COE organization by providing direct support by assisting in systems/software engineering product reviews, process evaluations, test witness and similar QA related functions and provide support in data analysis, metrics generation & with the corrective action process

Chapter Next – Systems Engineer – Mount Laurel, NJ

The returnship position is for a Systems Engineer working in the Weapon Systems Engineering group in Moorestown, NJ. The selected individual will contribute to the organization by contributing to the development of fire control, track filtering, weapon guidance, engagement planning, and coordinate system alignment algorithms by performing design trades, simulating algorithms using C++, Python and MATLAB simulations, analyzing results, and documenting findings in technical papers and presentations. Participant will contribute to the development of test plans and procedures; verification of requirements implementation through software testing; system level test at local and remote customer sites; documentation of results; and detailed analysis of problems with recommended solutions.

Chapter Next – Systems Engineering Modeling and Simulation – Mount Laurel, NJ

The selected candidate will contribute to the development on a BMD, AAW, IAMD, SUW and/or ASW programs. The candidate will use mathematical models and simulation to provide combat system and system of system level analysis to support Verification & Validation (V&V) and Test. Perform trade studies to determine system level impacts of design implementations in element simulations and conduct root-cause analysis for simulation defects. Demonstrate understanding of the major elements within Aegis. Be knowledgeable of systems requirements specifically the performance and functional requirements against each threat set for each mission area. Read C++/Java/Ada and run code in debugger. Implement fixes in code as necessary. Demonstrate ability to identify source of all problems and/or failures, e.g. — Model; Inputs; Design / requirements.

Chapter Next – Electrical Engineering – Bothell, WA

This returnship position is for Electrical Engineering professionals and will be located at Lockheed Martin’s Laser and Sensor Systems facility in Bothell, WA. Due to the variety of the work products, the successful candidate will need a flexible and adaptable skillset, with a strong learning orientation and proven technical leadership ability. The candidate must also be familiar with embedded software/ firmware development, circuit card design using OrCAD and/or Zuken CR 8000 or similar schematic capture tools, and capable of jointly developing technical baselines with hardware, software, systems, and optical IPT disciplines. The candidate must be familiar with lab integration activities and capable of supporting electro-optical integration hand-off and technical support roles with the optical integration team.

Chapter Next – Cost&Value Engineering – Stratford, CT

This returnship position is with the RMS Should Cost and Value Engineering team and will be located at Sikorsky in Stratford, CT. The returnship will report to the manager of the Should Cost & Value Engineering team and will contribute to Lockheed Martin by helping the company figure out how much it should pay for the parts and labor that it uses in its products and working with stakeholders to make Lockheed Martin and its suppliers more efficient.  Success in this position will require curiosity, the ability to build accurate numeric models, a willingness to listen and learn about manufacturing processes, the ability to engage with people that you have never met, and the discipline to consistently document and improve processes. As we are a small department with complex and challenging work, we are looking for hard-working generalists, not specialists.


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