At Hay There Social Media, we teach a proven, transferable, professional, flexible, in-demand social media skillset in 6 weeks for any mom. Anytime. Anywhere.

Many women don’t know what it means to be a social media manager and often don’t know it’s a learnable thing!

Women who have come to our tuition-based program have a variety of backgrounds including marketing, communications, PR, customer service, teaching, engineering, legal and more. Graduates of our program have used this training to work freelance indefinitely, to close a resume gap, to springboard back into corporate, to work flexibly depending on their season of motherhood or a combination of the above.

Many women begin earning from their first client before they complete the 6-week training.

We are proud to share that a number of women who have completed our program have found us via Apres!

Hear what others are saying:

“Having the tools and the training and the support from the Hay There Social Media team is unique and I would highly recommend it and I would consider it as a program for anyone wanting to jumpstart their career.” – Laura Z. Denver, CO

“The other best thing is that I get to work for myself but not by myself as Emily and her team are always there for support.” –Kimberly H, Bethel, CT

“Emily and her team at Hay There Social Media are amazing! The course offered is comprehensive and it gave me the tools and confidence to work for myself. Work-life integration is possible! Thank you, Emily and Team.” –Marvelle A., Tampa, FL

“The training not only taught me the skills I needed to update my resume but it allowed me the ability to get my own clients for my new social media business while juggling my PR freelancing gig.” – Leyla B. Brooklyn, NY

“The Hay There INsiders training has been a really supportive learning experience for me. I’m finding new opportunities and avenues for income streams. The training really sparked an interest in me. My new income allows me financial flexibility to do some of the bigger things I want to do with my children.” Kelli R., Detroit, MI

We know what flexible work for moms looks like. Work+Life Integration is our operating system so we built our entire social media marketing training from it.

Open for enrollment anytime

The Hay There INsiders core training is made up of 13 modules designed to be completed over 6 weeks. The core training sessions are part of a complete curriculum that does not require you to take them in a specific order or start on a specific date. Classes are 100% online and open for enrollment any day of the year.

Classes taught live

Each session is roughly one hour in length. Classes are taught LIVE every week on Zoom so you can merge in anytime. From anywhere. You can register to attend the sessions that work for your schedule.

Recorded for on-demand access

Live sessions are recorded so you can watch your social media manager training sessions on-demand when it works for you. Our community of work from home women can also re-watch core training recordings anytime.

Additionally, INsider Community members can join a live core training Zoom again anytime as a refresher.

Please email info@haytheresocialmedia.com to learn more!


INsider Core Training Modules

We offer a 13 module program with a tuition fee of $2,997. Payment plans available.

We are changing the world by empowering women like you to run your OWN social media business with our proven system. On your terms. Working flexibly and living intentionally in “Work+Life Integration Nation™.”

On our website, you can find the list that outlines the 13 topics for each of the live sessions offered year round including social media metrics, content creation, community building, influencer campaigns, prospecting & closing business and building your credibility to name just a few.

We encourage you to participate in as many live classes as you like beyond completion of the INsider program, at any time throughout your INsider community membership. We provide a detailed syllabus with the concepts we cover as well as access to an online platform with all the supporting materials you’ll need.


See if it’s a fit for you by taking our quiz today: https://haytheresocialmedia.com/see-if-youre-a-good-fit/

Enroll in our social media expert training to join other work-from-home moms looking for flexible careers as social media freelancers to become the mompreneur they were meant to be.


Okay, so what does it mean to run my own social media business?

As a freelancer, you have the flexibility and freedom to manage as many clients wherever and whenever you want. One client or a dozen, you decide what works for your professional goals and lifestyle. Thanks to the gig economy, many people are already working as an independent contractor in finance, marketing or project management. By expanding your social media marketing skills, you’ll be a specialized expert, and that’s pretty attractive to businesses large and small. You will not be an employee of Hay There Social Media. You will not be working for Hay There Social Media.

Why social media?

So many women are talented and experienced social media users already. Whether you are a writer, a marketer or simply a personal user with a Facebook profile, you have in-demand skills that can be put to use managing social media for businesses—allowing you to earn on your terms.

Do I need any previous experience before starting?


There are 3 general requirements to be a good fit for the program:

1. Be a strong communicator in written form. You do not need to be a published author or have experience in long- form copywriting, but you need to be able to get a message across clearly in writing since businesses hire you to write their social media posts.

2. Have a working knowledge of social media. You do not need to know every detail about every social network in order to be qualified. You should, however, be familiar with features and functions of social networks since our training is not a 101 on social media. You can always build upon your social media knowledge, but it’s important to be someone who embraces social technology. You do not need to have a follower minimum to be qualified.

3. Be creative. This means being willing to think outside the box, perhaps have a strong eye for visuals and formatting. You will bring a brand to life through their social media presence so it’s important to have a creative spark inside.

How do I begin?

Visit our website and schedule a call with us today!


Schedule a call: https://calendly.com/emilyahay/prospectivehaythereinsider

About Hay There Social Media

Hay There Social Media is a company built by women for women. We offer a tuition-based social media marketing training course and a unique support system led by our team of experts, who work from home everyday just like you!

You may have recently seen Hay There Founder, Emily A. Hay, in the Fair Play Documentary based off Eve Rodsky’s NYTimes Bestselling Book of the same name. The documentary was written, produced and directed by renowned documentary filmmaker, Jennifer Siebel Newsom, and was produced in partnership with Reese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine.

We give women looking for more our proven recipe to start their own social media freelance business using the right ingredients:

-Resources & Skills: What services to offer & how to deliver them.

-Connections & Guidance: How to get & keep clients.

-Community & Access: The support to constantly achieve more.

Are you a professional woman looking for a path that leverages your unique skills and experience? Are you a mom who demands flexibility in her work? Are you looking for a proven way to earn flexibly using a professional skillset you can be proud of?

You’ve come to the right place. Schedule a call with us anytime at your convenience to personally discuss how this could work for you –> https://calendly.com/emilyahay/prospectivehaythereinsider