Job Opportunity with Planning Center

Marketing Coordinator (Administrator)


The Planning Center Marketing Team is looking for someone to take over the management of all our conference, sponsorship, and advertisement commitments and help the marketing department stay on top of deadlines.

Reporting to the Marketing Director, you will tackle the myriad of administrative responsibilities of exhibiting our software at multiple conferences and ensuring the team delivers assets on time for all our podcast, magazine, and online advertisements. You will also be the primary point of contact and play a key role in maintaining our relationships with our vendors and partners.


As the Marketing Coordinator, some of the primary responsibilities will include:

  • Research all incoming sponsorship requests and find potential opportunities (conferences, podcasts, magazines, web advertising, etc.) and evaluate to ensure they are in line with our the values, goals, and priorities of the Marketing team.
  • Research niche markets that might be an audience fit for Planning Center, track trends, and find advertising opportunities.
  • Work with the Marketing team to deliver the content and submit deliverables they create (may include coordinating with product and support managers).
  • Evaluate the success of all sponsorships according to the Marketing team’s set metrics.
  • Order all necessary assets (print, swag, etc.) for conferences.
  • Facilitate the shipment of all assets to/from conferences.
  • Maintain relationships with our current partners and vendors and create new ones.
  • Work with organizations that integrate with our software to handle co-marketing requests; coordinate the publishing of their content with the Marketing team.
  • Build and maintain quality partnerships with internal teams across Marketing, Product, Support, and Admin departments.
  • Ensure we are working within allotted funds from the Marketing team budget.
  • Set up customer interviews for the Marketing team (initial contact, scheduling, follow-up)
  • Communicate with our swag vendor to maintain our stock and deliver to conferences and customers.
  • Could include internal scheduling and coordination for the Marketing team content calendar (responsibilities TBD)

These are the core competencies and experiences that we are looking for in the person who will fill this role.

  • Administrative skills are a must. You are detail-oriented and thrive on organization, task management, and project planning. Organizing conferences could be considered by some a death by a thousand cuts, so you really want to be a person who loves keeping track of all the details.
  • Excellent communication skills. You can communicate clearly and effectively about small details over email and the phone, in person, and over Zoom. You’ll not only need to communicate schedules, assets, and our organizational needs, but also understand and be able to communicate our company vision when necessary.
  • Research skills and critical thinking. You like digging into the details and understanding the full context of potential partnerships so you can provide insight to the team.
  • Prior experience with conference, event, or sponsorship coordination.You are familiar with the event space and know the kinds of questions to ask and contingencies to plan for.

About Planning Center

At Planning Center, we build powerful web and mobile applications for churches. Our customers include over 90 of the 100 largest churches in the country, but also tens of thousands of small community churches, and we strive to make day-to-day operations easier for all of them.

It is our commitment to current and future employees to provide a positive and elevating environment to work with us towards our mission of building and supporting quality products for our customers.

We value diversity and welcome applicants of any belief system, racial background, and gender. We are actively working to make space for people to be fully themselves and bring their unique perspectives to the table—to the benefit of our culture and improvement of our products.

Some of the many benefits you will experience here at Planning Center include:

  • Starting salary $50,500-$67,300
  • Full health, dental, and vision coverage
  • Company contribution to a 401(k)
  • Mobile phone allowance
  • Charitable giving match
  • Paid parental leave
  • Health stipend
  • Vacation and paid holidays
  • Paid Fridays off in the summer