Job Opportunity with Organization for Research and Learning

Business Manager (Remote)

Organization for Research and Learning, Inc (ORL), a small, Seattle-based healthcare private practice providing home-based Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) healthcare services to children with Autism seeks a Business Manager to perform financial duties and systems management.

We’re Seattle area’s second longest established ABA practice with a consistent record of local and national leadership. Our ideal candidate is technically savvy, comfortable being a liaison to vendors, and has strong analytical and problem solving skills. This position requires about 32 hours a week and provides a flexible work schedule plus eligibility for a full benefits package. While we’re located in Seattle, we support flexible work arrangements, including working remotely. Our next Business Manager will be able to work most days remotely, but they’ll occasionally need to come into our Beacon Hill offices.

We work with children with Autism in the Greater Seattle area. Our Business Manager helps us meet our mission of providing very high-quality services to the clients we serve, contributing to the larger community through our activities as scientist-practitioners, and acting as advocates for the autism community.



Our Business Manager regularly:

    • Ensures that we’re on track to meet our financial goals
    • Prepares monthly financial reports for the company’s leadership
    • Analyzes financial data
    • Implements budgetary goals set by the company’s leadership
    • Manages and oversees our accounts payable and payroll processing
    • Manages tracking and paying city, state, and federal taxes
    • Coordinates their activities with our support team such as our CPA’s, our finance consultants, and our legal team
    • Reconciles our accounts each month
    • Manages our benefits programs (there’s more information about those benefits below)
    • Managing the onboarding and offboarding of employees
    • Designing and rolling out new processes and systems as they become needed
    • Ensures that data flow seamlessly across our various computer systems including our practice management software, our accounting software, and our human resources software systems
    • Manages some individual high-need client accounts
    • Leads special projects assigned by owners for delinquent or clogged accounts
    • Completes other special projects as assigned
  • Our next Business Manager should have:

    • At least 3 years’ experience in business administration, operations, and bookkeeping experience
    • The ability to learn and adapt to new computer systems quickly
    • Proficient computer skills including QuickBooks, Microsoft Suite, Google applications and some type of relational database
    • Excellent project management skills
    • The ability to problem solve, prioritize, be resourceful, and work independently
    • Strong organizational, analysis, and analytical skills
    • A positive, approachable attitude that’s focused on helping others
    • Careful attention to detail in all aspects of their work
    • The ability to work securely and carefully with confidential, sensitive, and protected health information

 If you would like to be a part of this dynamic company, submit your cover letter and resume.

About Organization for Research and Learning

Why Join Our Team?

If you’re committed to supporting science- and data-based, very high quality, culturally sensitive, and highly individualized intervention services for kids with disabilities, and you understand that doing all that depends on helping us support the healthcare professionals that work those children, then we’d love to chat with you.

Besides believing in the mission, we also think that we offer good compensation, that we operate in a values-driven way in all that we do, and that we’ve created a culture that we’re really proud of.

What’s the compensation like?

It’s good.

Yes, we cover all “the basics” of a good compensation package including things like:

  • Highly competitive salaries, our Business Manager will make between $28 and $33 dollars an hour
  • Really good benefits including gold-level medical coverage, health savings accounts, dental & vision benefits, and an employer-matched retirement plan (that means that we chip in money to help make sure you’re secure when you retire)
  • Generous paid time off that starts with at least two weeks paid time off each year and goes up to five weeks a year (and that’s not including the paid holidays each year, including flex holiday time so that you can celebrate whatever occasions feel good to you)
  • Additional money to help you care for the people you love. Through our Dependent Care Benefit, our employees receive up to $600.00 each month–that’s over $7,000 a year–in tax free money to help them take care of the people that depend on them like children and other dependent family members.
  • Ample technology to support you in your work. Sure, everyone gets a top-of-the line MacBook Air (you even get to pick the color). But in addition to that, we’ll make sure you have whatever other technology you might need to make your work as easy as we can make it.
  • Highly subsidized professional development opportunities that you pick for yourself and that can include everything from participating in professional conferences, to taking a class, to earning additional credentials or certifications, or something else that you’re interested in that we may not even have thought of.

But, in addition to those things, we also want to help you work in ways that really work for you and ways that respect all the other parts of your life and who you are. To help with that we offer things like:

  • Flexible work schedules
    • Would life work easier if you worked 4 days a week instead of 5? Fine. Let’s talk about it.
    • Would life work easier if you started work early and ended early each day? No problem.
  • Flexible work locations
    • Would you prefer not to come into the office and instead to do some of your work at home? No problem.
    • Would you prefer not to work at home and instead come into our offices? Again, no problem. We maintain a very comfortable office space where you can work at a table or sit by a fire. (And we have pretty good coffee, juices, soft drinks, and snacks)
  • Flexible work loads
    • Is something happening in your life that would be made easier by temporarily reducing how much you work? Okay. We’ll do our best to figure out (and, remember, we REALLY value ridiculously good problem solving, so chances are good we’ll be able to find a solution that works for everyone)

What do We Value?

  • Excellence, which for us means doing things really well, in the service of doing what’s best for people through ridiculously good, fast, and functional problem solving
  • Connectedness, Relationships & People as evidenced through building strong personal relationships, developing trust, knowing the people around us, and doing the work of the organization collaboratively
  • Making a Difference, which for us means doing good for our clients, our colleagues, and our communities, and taking data to make sure we know that what we’re doing is working
  • Diversity, in whatever way that shows up, by including, welcoming, and actively seeking out anyone who shares these values

ORL provides Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services to children with autism and related disabilities in the Greater Seattle area. In a comprehensive ABA program for children with autism, the goal is to shift a client’s overall trajectory, putting them on a path to living a fuller and more engaging life. Please visit http://www.o4rl.com/ to learn more!

ORL is an equal employment opportunity employer and does not discriminate because of race, color, creed, citizenship, status, national origin, ancestry, gender, genetic information, sexual orientation, gender expression or identity, age, religion, pregnancy or pregnancy-related condition, physical or mental disability, marital status, veteran status, political affiliation, or any other characteristic protected by law.