Job Opportunity with Prison Journalism Project

Art Editor


Prison Journalism Project, which trains incarcerated writers to be journalists and publishes their stories, is looking for a creative, resourceful and versatile art editor for approximately 20 hours a week for three months with the possibility of a longer term contract.

The art editor is an important role, who will work closely with both the editor-in-chief and art director in setting the highest of standards in artwork that we publish to accompany our stories on our online publication as well as our award-winning print newspaper for our writers. The level of professionalism we demonstrate as a publication can directly impact the credibility of our writers.

The ideal candidate must have 3-5 years of experience of art and graphics editing experience, as well as web publishing. We are seeking someone who is excited about working at the intersection of art, journalism and criminal justice reform; has a strong sense of storytelling through art; and is versatile as both an editor and as a creative producer.

The position is paid hourly based on an annual salary of $48,000 for the three-month duration. We particularly encourage candidates who are interested in a more permanent role with PJP in the future. We welcome applicants who are personally impacted by incarceration.

  • Selects photo or illustration to accompany all published stories and poems (2-4 stories published daily, M-F)
  • Works with art director to manage incoming stream of submitted artworks
  • Works with social media team to create graphics for special projects, fundraising campaigns and Instagram account
  • Works with volunteer and commissioned artists to create illustrations for publication
  • Works with art director to determine the best ways to display artwork by incarcerated artists that require special handling
  • Works with art director to determine the best ways to display special projects spearheaded by editorial team
  • Occasionally creates original illustrations or adapts existing illustrations to accompany special stories or poems
  • Occasionally creates animated versions of submitted artwork for posting on social media
  • Approximately 20 hrs per week
  • 3-5+ years of graphics and art editing experience, preferably in web publishing
  • Must understand various options for presenting information and artwork online
  • Must possess a great eye for illustrations and photos, and be resourceful in tracking down illustrations that elevate the story and enhance its impact for storytelling
  • Must understand licensing and usage rights issues surrounding photographs and illustrations
  • Must have proficient knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
  • BA or BFA preferred in Graphic Design or Communication Design
  • Must possess solid organizational skills and obsession with detail
  • Must be able to accept direction/constructive criticism and work in a collaborative environment
  • Strong time management skills, and ability to juggle multiple projects and priorities
  • Familiarity/proficiency with WordPress, Google Drive (Docs/Sheets), Canva; familiarity with animation software

About Prison Journalism Project

PJP is a fast-growing independent, non-partisan, non-profit startup initiative that aims to develop the first national network of prison correspondents. We believe that the deep reforms that are necessary to fix the U.S. criminal justice system can only happen through informed, bipartisan public discourse about mass incarceration. Incarcerated people, who are talked about but are rarely heard from, must be a part of this conversation. We see an opportunity to address the critical and urgent need for accurate information by connecting the dots between prisons across the country, bringing transparency to an opaque industry, and asserting the rights of prison journalists. Intentional, responsible and well-crafted journalism from within the incarcerated community can also break stereotypes and provide timely information about conditions inside America’s many prisons.

PJP’s online publication launched in June 2020 to publish incarcerated writers’ experiences with the pandemic, but since then, we have expanded to cover the gamut of stories from issues around mental health and addiction to stories and experiences of life behind bars to op-eds and other perspectives. We also publish poetry and art with an emphasis on those that tell true stories. We have so far published over 1,200 pieces of work from more than 450 incarcerated and incarceration-impacted writers from 160+ prisons in 36 states.

PJP’s publication is unique in that our work is rooted in the training of our writers in journalism. The publication is a vehicle to develop our writers’ reporting and journalism skills as well as a place to experiment with how to tell stories from behind and around prison walls. We aim to provide the kind of editorial support that outside newsrooms provide, so our writers can publish stories that meet the highest standards of journalism.