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History of PFM

It started with the simple insight that governments and charitable institutions needed independent advice from people they could trust. Advice from people who understood their financial needs and challenges, inside and out. From people who respected the amazing work they do every day, always for the benefit of others.

PFM opened its first office in Philadelphia in 1975. From the very beginning, we had a distinct advantage over the competition: we understood the need for a financial services firm founded exclusively for the benefit of governments and charitable institution clients. Thanks to an unwavering commitment to serving our clients’ interests above all else, PFM has grown into one of the nation’s leading independent financial and investment advisors.

Today, PFM employs hundreds of professionals serving a diverse base of clients from locations in every region of the country. We are asset managers, financial advisors and consultants who work across a broad range of traditional and special purpose sectors. Our duty as a fiduciary, combined with our bedrock principles of Ingenuity, Sustainability and Resourcefulness, help us deliver on our promise of advice that will help our clients transform their world.

 At PFM, asset managers, financial advisors and consultants partner with clients to transform their world. Our clients have individual needs, and our tailored advice reflects this. We have the flexibility to support the largest endeavors any client could contemplate with teams that maintain the camaraderie, the collaboration and the creativity that define working with PFM. We combine superior financial advice, disciplined management and ingenuity to build, power, move and educate.

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At PFM, we believe that, in a changing world, doing meaningful work is more important than ever.

Our asset managers, financial advisors and consultants partner with clients large and small to transform their world. Beyond superior financial advice and disciplined management, we offer tailored creative consultation that empowers, mobilizes and educates—which, in turn, ensures sustainable outcomes.

Simply put, we provide visionaries the lens to a brighter future.

Which explains why hundreds of state and local governments, health systems, universities, school districts, banks and non-profit agencies trust PFM as their companion when navigating change and achieving tomorrow’s goals.

Let us help your dreams take flight.

Ingenuity. Sustainability. Resourcefulness. That’s PFM.

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