About our company

At PepsiCo, we believe our continued success depends on a diverse workforce and inclusive culture. Our teams reflect the diversity of our communities and consumers -- inclusion is a way of life at PepsiCo.

In an ever-changing environment, we know that creativity from individuals with varied backgrounds and experiences is critical.

We believe our employees are whole people. Those in the PepsiCo family discover an environment of flexible Possibilities contributing to satisfied, engaged and motivated employees.

Ready to Return Program

PepsiCo is excited to launch a program for experienced professionals looking to re-enter the workforce in the New York area in April 2017. Are you ready?
Because we value diverse experiences and perspectives, Ready to Return was created for professionals who have taken a career break of more than two years and are Ready to Return to the workforce. The 10-week, paid program is for experienced professionals with Research & Development or Marketing backgrounds.

To ease the transition back to work, participants in the program will receive mentoring and coaching support, training to refresh skills, and opportunities to network and learn about working at PepsiCo.

Participants in the Ready to Return program may receive an offer of employment upon program completion.


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