Robyn DeLuca Maternity Transition coach, Working Parent Coach.

Robyn is a psychologist and postpartum coach who helps new mothers navigate the
transition to working parenthood. The emotional and logistical aspects of returning to
work after maternity leave can be daunting. Dr. DeLuca collaborates with women to
establish their personal vision of motherhood, family, and work, and gives them the
tools to make it a reality. She’s worked with moms from many different industries and
cultural backgrounds.

When Robyn was a new mother, she was overwhelmed with feelings of isolation and
depression and wished she’d had access to someone who could help her find the way
forward. After fifteen years as a postpartum researcher at Stony Brook University and
raising two daughters, Robyn is committed to bringing evidence-based strategies and
a mother’s common sense to women coping with this major life transition.

She has a doctorate in health psychology, completed an advanced diploma in coaching
at NYU, and is certified in the Bringing Baby Home program, which teaches couples
how to keep their relationship healthy after a baby is born. Robyn’s training and
experience make it possible to help women return to work with more confidence and
less chaos. Her expertise on women, family, and work has been featured in national
media outlets including Yahoo Finance, CBS New York, ABC Radio, Fox5News, the
Huffington Post.

Managing the Return from Maternity Leave, Keeping Relationships Strong after Baby Comes Home, Negotiating Work/Life Balance