Laurie Palau organizational coach helping women in transition and returning to work

Laurie Palau, founder of simply B organized, started her company out of a passion for organization and simplicity. Having “stuff” is a part of life, but that doesn’t mean that you need to live in chaos. At simply B organized Laurie and her team teach methods for organizing your home without becoming consumed by clutter in a way for you to maintain moving forward.

In addition to working with private clients, Laurie hosts the weekly podcast, This ORGANIZED Life, on iTunes. She can be seen regularly sharing her latest organizing tips on various morning shows, including CBS3 in Philadelphia and WFMZ in Allentown. She writes articles for local, regional and national magazines in addition to her own blog “A Life More Organized“. Laurie also teaches workshops and seminars on getting and staying organized. One of her most popular workshops is her  luncheon series “The Clutter Clinic” that is repeatedly a sold out event.

When she is not working, Laurie can be found at home with her husband Josh, 2 daughters, Zoe & Logan (who also like being organized-or so they say!) and 2 dogs Jeter & Oliver.

Organization and clutter management to increase productivity; Time Management; Strategies for working remotely and more.